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About Dr. Tahira
She is a well known Homeopathic Doctor, author, speaker and an avid researcher with a deep passion for her profession and helping the humanity. DrTahirahp.com is established with the objective to making fellow human aware of Homeopathy and how it can positively impact their life.

Qualification & Experience
With 4 years of professional education in Homeopathy Medical System and more than a year of house job, she humbly brings 15 years of solid experience to her patients to help them. Along with that, she has worked as Homeopathic Consultant in a homeopathic hospital and as Lecturer in the field of homeopathic medicine & pathology at a well-reputed homeopathic medical college.

Dr. Tahira takes pride in having specialty in diagnosis, the most important part of the treatment essential to prescribing correct medicine and managing the whole case. Prescribing correct medicine based on accurate diagnosis not only restores health but also rejuvenates the person as a whole.

With an extensive knowledge and experience of nutritional needs, herbs, modern diagnostic tools and homeopathic treatment, she supplements her treatment with nutritional guidelines to her patients to cure, improve and maintain good health.

Knowledge sharing
In today’s world, an increasing number of people are paying attention to healthy eating and understanding what affect their health. To fulfill such needs by the masses, Dr. Tahira regularly publishes her Clinical Cases and other articles on this website.