Clinical Cases

Autism & Congenital Heart Disease

Gender: Male Age: 1.5 years Date: January, 2016 Location: Pakistan This patient had a strong tuberculosis and cancer history in family. He was not able to walk and talk at all and was also diagnosed with Congenital Heart disease. The patient went through a heart surgery after which the doctors recommended him to remain on […]

Auto Immune Disease and Hearing Impairment

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Date: March, 2014
Location: Michigan

Patient suffered from auto immune disease and hearing impairment. He had severe hearing issues due to which he used hearing aid all the time. Patient’s weight was 42…

Diabetic Patient with Piles

Gender: Male
Age: 60
Date: June, 2013
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Patient was fighting with diabetes for last 15 years. He had a long family history relating to his problem as his parents died due to heart-related illness and cancer…

Diabetes Cured

Gender: Male
Age: 43
Date: January, 2009
Location: Amsterdam

This patient was suffering from Diabetes for four years. His average sugar level ranged between 300 to 400. At first, he seemed to show disbelief in Homeopathy as he mentioned about his treatment from other homeopaths in Europe and UK where he didn’t experienced…

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

The case is about a patient who was having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Gender: Female
Age: 28 yrs.
Date: July 2003

This patient could not conceive even after 3 years of marriage. She was advised ultrasound. On investigations her ultrasound report confirmed the presence…

Hepatitis B

This case is regarding a patient who was suffering from Hepatitis B.

Gender: Male
Age: 20 yrs.
Date: October 2003

A patient, who was suffering from Hepatitis B, came to me. He showed the presence of physical symptoms such as nausea; Constipation…

Sciatic Pain

Case is about a female who suffered from sciatic pain.

Gender: Female
Age: 33 yrs.
Date: January 2004

Patient suffering with severe sciatic pain and locked sensation in right leg approached me on 13th Jan. The pain used to continue for 7-10 days which did not…


The case is regarding a Metrorrhagia Patient.

Gender: Female
Age: 35 yrs.
Date: June 2004
Weight: 230 lbs

A female with the complaints of metrorrhagia since the last two years approached me. She had taken several different treatments inc…


A patient who was having Amenorrhea.

Gender: Female
Age: 23 yrs.
Date: September 2004

Patient suffering with amenorrhea since the last 3 years had approached me. She was taking hormones to cure this condition but then she did not get the required results. In the last three years, she…

Severe Backache

This case is about a patient who suffered from severe backache.

Gender: Male
Age: 40
Date: December 2004

Patient suffering with severe backache since the last 10 months approached me. The backache complaint had worsened since the last 2 months because of which the patient could not even change…

Recurrent Miscarriages

Patient was suffering from recurrent miscarriages.

Gender: Female
Age: 32
Date: March 2005

Patient suffered from 3 miscarriages in last 4 years. She was a doctor by profession. According to her Gynecologist, there was no significant reason for her complaints. The patient suffered from scabies…

Chronic Cough

This case is about a patient who was having chronic cough.

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Date: May 2005

Patient was suffering with severe dry cough, since the last 4 months. Surprisingly all the Chest X-ray reports of the patient were clear and revealed no positive findings in the lungs. Pati…

Severe Lower Backache

This case is about another patient who was suffering from severe backache pain.