Autism & Congenital Heart Disease

Gender: Male
Age: 1.5 years
Date: January, 2016
Location: Pakistan

This patient had a strong tuberculosis and cancer history in family. He was not able to walk and talk at all and was also diagnosed with Congenital Heart disease. The patient went through a heart surgery after which the doctors recommended him to remain on heart medication for lifetime. Digestion issues, night irritability, dysentery, epileptic attacks, and pulmonary hypertension were some of his major symptoms and medical conditions. Patient spent 8 months on and off in hospitals getting examined and whatever medication was prescribed.

When he was brought to my clinic, his neck was too weak and couldn’t support the head properly. The patient also developed multiple allergies of food, skin and respiratory tract as a result of which he couldn’t resist cold air at all.

I took his case in January 2016 and the treatment went on for about 5 months. The daily case monitoring and regular medication resulted in betterment in almost all of his symptoms. He was able to walk without support, gained weight, fevers never came back, heart medicines were gradually reduced after a month of treatment. By the end of second month, his heart medicines were completely stopped. The only epileptic attack he had was during first week of treatment and after that he did fine with no attack until the end of treatment.

Dysentery and other allergic symptoms were completely vanished and the abscesses he had on different parts of body before, especially on skull, drained after taking miasmatic and constitutional remedies during my treatment.

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