Diabetes Cured

Gender: Male
Age: 43
Date: January, 2009
Location: Amsterdam

This patient was suffering from Diabetes for four years. His average sugar level ranged between 300 to 400. At first, he seemed to show disbelief in Homeopathy as he mentioned about his treatment from other homeopaths in Europe and UK where he didn’t experienced any significant relief. He was referred to me by one of his friends who by-chance was my patient.

In appearance, his shoulders were a bit leaned down and the BMI wasn’t right. He was clearly under-weight and to hide the embarrassment, he used to wear two to three shirts under his coat. I noticed arrogance, pride and self-consciousness in his behaviour that I found not so surprising when he mentioned about his family background and his qualifications. But I must say that he was a very intelligent and intellectual person to talk with.

I started taking his family history and found that his mother died of cancer and all the siblings were also suffering from Diabetes. His major symptoms were: thirst at night with severe back pain, watery look urine with high frequency, history of UTI, pain in finger joints, decreased libido, burnings soles, frozen shoulder, stiffness in foot fingers, severe pain in hip joints while sitting and turning. The nature of his pains was cramping and spasmodic. Severe constipation while travelling was a pain for him. Sebaceous cyst on scrotum, history of meningitis and typhoid fever. His mental symptoms were: urge to dominate others, difference in size of things than their actual size and narcissistic.

After doing his constitutional analysis and jotting down his detailed case history from all personality horizons, I given two weeks of medicine to the patient. There was a noticeable difference in the way he behaved and communicated on his second visit. He was more humble, cheerful and confident as his shoulders seemed to be improved compared to his previous visit. He reported betterment in all his mental and physical symptoms except some fluctuation in sugar level. I felt not to interrupt the on-going effects of the single remedy by giving anything else at that point. On his next visit, I observed that his symptoms at that stage needed miasmatic medicine. I selected one based on the correlation of his family history and current symptoms.

After five months of treatment, his weight increased from 62kg to 71kg. The leaning down of shoulders was no more there. Sugar level became normal. This patient remained under observation for three more months until fully cured.

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  1. Alexa

    Millions of people suffering from  Type 2 diabetes  could be cured of the disease if they just lost weight, a new study suggests.


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