Prostatic Hypertrophy

My father, 61, had quite a lot of debilitating symptoms related to digestion, irregular bowel, blood pressure, mood swings and more. One of the most irritating problem was consistent dripping of urine which refrained him from sleeping for months. Reports showed that the bladder wasn’t emptying properly even after urination.

We went to a lot of specialists in Chicago to address his issues but the tachycardia and lower backache was getting progressively worse. Doctors couldn’t really help him feel better at that time and suggested surgery which was a bit too much to even imagine considering the health of my father.

Our trip to Pakistan was merely about meeting family members but it was one of those things that happens for a good reason and you never really plan for it. Someone in the family referred my father to Dr. Tahira and given his condition, we thought to give it a try.

I’m really blown away by the diagnosis skill of Dr. Tahira because it didn’t take her even 10% of the time we spent at other clinics to diagnose the mystery disease of my father i.e Prostatic Hypertrophy. Well, with much confidence, we extended our stay here and continued the treatment for a couple of months.

Today, father is much better, energetic, his digestion has improved and surprisingly he lost 6 kg weight which is great since he was already obese. His urination symptoms at night have completely vanished and following the precautionary measures given by Dr. Tahira, the ray of hope has risen high once again.

Thank you and May GOD bless you doctor!

Haider Shahani, Chicago USA


Severe Infection in Intestines and Immune Deficiency Disease

My nephew (one and a half years old), Wahaaj had a serious attack of diarrhea, vomiting and fever in the first week of October 2017. His condition was so critical that a single sip of water would cause him to vomit. Initially, a well known hospital was visited to consult against the issue. Some tests were taken by the doctors but nobody actually diagnosed that what sort of problem he was going through. As a result, the medicines of many doctors were tried but he did not cure. All of our family members were much more worried about this problem because no medicine was affecting the condition of Wahaaj.

Finally, ALLAH showed us the right Path when one of my colleagues told me about Dr. Tahira’s Clinic. I requested for an appointment and took Wahaaj along with me for the check up to her clinic. The Condition of Wahaaj was still out of control and he had three episodes of vomiting along the way towards the clinic. At her Clinic, she conducted a thorough examination and took his history. She immediately gave two doses of homoeopathic medicines to Wahaaj and we astonished to watch our child started playing right after the second dose. She initially gave some medicines to treat Wahaaj on emergency basis and advised us some tests which we submitted to her and then she diagnosed the actual issues of Wahaaj. Like he had some inherited problems by birth along with a serious infection in his intestines which could even affect his brain cells/tissues. Also the Immune system of Wahaaj was very week and due to which Wahaaj was more susceptible to the diseases.

After proper diagnosis she started treatment of Wahaaj and it has been only two weeks since he is taking her medicine, but the effects are amazing. His immune system has been regulated. His appetite has been dramatically improved. The extra ordinary whitish Color of his eyes has been normalized and above all there has not been a single episode of vomiting since the start of his treatment. I must say that I have never seen a doctor like Dr. Tahira. She has an extra ordinary command on each aspect of her treatment. The most remarkable aspect of her treatment is her quick, accurate and spot-on diagnosis (which in my opinion is absent in case of most of today’s doctors). She also guides her patients about precautionary measures that must be taken with respect to their diet which is very vital to get quick results. I pray for her success in her future endeavours. I am writing this testimonial with a wish that anyone suffering from such kind of problems, as mentioned above, might get benefited with exceptional and God Gifted Qualities possessed by Dr. Tahira.

Asim Minhas, Islamabad


Migraine and Hip Bone Injury

Since the last seven years, I had been a victim of migraine. I had tried every famous doctor and hospital. I even tried to get a treatment from a neurosurgeon. The doctors prescribed me with medicines for epilepsy and then started giving me steroids. According to them, no medicine could affect me now because of my condition. Nonetheless, despite of their medicines, my pain would still come back.
At the same time, unfortunately, around two and a half years ago, I slipped in the bathroom during pregnancy and it ended up giving me a severe wound on the back bone accompanied by extreme pain. Because of this accident, I was deprived of the ability to walk and could not lie on the affected right side. My hip bone pain was so agonizing that  I used to frequently cry and beg God for forgiveness and relief from this torment.
I was in such a desperate position that I tried to look up anything herbal or a natural way to cure my problem. In other words, there was simply nothing that I had not tried. Every single medicine, homeopathic or allopathic, herbal or natural, I had given everything a try and I was in a state of despair.
A few days later, however, my prayer was finally answered when one of my cousins (who had already taken treatment for her father’s diabetic neuropathy) referred me to Dr. Tahira. My first session with her was on 24th march 2017. She examined me and recommended me some medical tests. It was surprising to see that after the results of the reports came, it was exactly as Dr. Tahira had predicted. I must say, she is a brilliant doctor.
After having done the diagnosis, she started my treatment. During the treatment, whenever I would have any emergency condition, she would not repel me but rather she would attend me well and take utmost care of me.
Today, after 3 months of treatment, I am living a new life. Within few days of her treatment, I had started feeling positive effects. She proved to be a miracle doctor for me.
These words are right from the depth of my heart.
May God always keep her happy, Ameen.
                                                                                                         Noor ul Ain, Bank Officer, Pakistan


Diabetic Patient – Emergency Case

I had severe foot pain for last ten months. It started slowly but got worst I was unable to put my weight on my infected foot and had difficulty walking. It gets really bad if had to stay standing even only for an hour. I went to see the doctor they took some x-rays and advised blood test but they were unable to diagnose the cause of the problem I was prescribed some pain killers and that was it. I knew that this pain killer is not going to resolve the issue and it got even worsen. I was wondering what I should do to resolve the situation. One day I was organizing my in box and saw an old email from my friend regarding the Dr, Tahira web clinic. I contacted her through the web site and send her my blood and x-ray reports.

In the first consultation session she asked some questions and went through my reports and diagnosed that it was Osteophytosis (commonly known as bone spurs) is causing the pain in my foot. Immediately she started the treatment, pains were drastically reduced within a week. I got treatment for three months and got rid of the problem. While I was under the treatment accidentally one of my foot got seriously burned. Since I am a diabetic and foot injuries are not good thing for diabetic person. I have heard the stories that people lost their leg because of injuries. I have contacted Dr. Tahira her response were prompt. I was worried so much she calmed me down and started the emergency treatment. I followed all of her instructions and within three weeks of treatment my burned was healed.

Dr. Tahira is an Excellent doctor always prepared to help and listen She really cares the patient situation and very professional. Always prepared for the appointments and all the prescriptions and instructions were given very timely manner. I do not have words to thanks Dr. Tahira for the excellent treatment that I have received.

Adil Muhammad, Toronto, Canada

Severe Renal Colic (Kidney Pain)

Would like to thank Dr.Tahira for her time and efforts first of all. My name is Vishal, 47 – working in an Insurance company in Perth, Australia. I communicate a lot as my job responsibility includes calling prospects, every single day. Even though I am very health conscious, I can’t run away from my “sitting on the chair” routine and dialling numbers all the day. Back in May this year, I started to feel some irritation and inconsistency while passing urine. As I spend most of the time in an air- conditioned office, I assumed the pain reason was lack of water intake. Now I wasn’t really thirsty at times but I forcefully drank water hoping the urine problem will eradicate. That didn’t help much so I planned to make the next call for appointment with my physiotherapist. I started to experience a cramping pain in lower back side too within those few days.

Phsyiotherapist recommended some exercises and a medicine (probably pain killer). I followed everything as it was instructed but surprisingly, it was not really helpful. The pain in the back started to travel till the stomach and the urine problem was there as it is. I’m not a tech-savvy but I know how to do research online at least. I Googled some key terms regarding my pain and started to read the web pages shown in the search results. There I stumbled across an Article which sounded like everything I was feeling about my pain. The author resource link landed on the home page of Dr.Tahira. Homeopathy was always at last on my list but the originality of the content and relativity with my pain endorsed me to sign up for the consultation session with Dr.Tahira.

I prepared a long list of questions as I don’t get convinced but I convince people (nature of my job). Long story short, I was really pleased with the communication session I had with dr. and from there I knew what really was happening. She diagnosed and explained all aspects of my problem. I was told to do exercise, eat this and that but the real cause was never diagnosed and that’s what exactly Dr.Tahira did which convinced me. I started with the monthly treatment and on the first day itself when I was on my way to get medicines from a local store here, the kidney pain hit me hard. I didn’t take any medicine prescribed by her yet. I hardly reached home and it kept getting worse. It really made me rolling on the floor. Ofcourse I took the medicines as per the schedule advised by her and after an hour of severe pain, it started getting better gradually. I reported that to her on the same day but the medicines remained unchanged. The treatment continued and I consulted with Dr.Tahira on weekly basis for three consecutive months. She prepared a special diet schedule along with the medication for me. Within 3 months, the back pain was not there anymore and the urine flow became normal. It was not less than a miracle for me how I found the article, taken a decision regarding consultation from a Doctor online which I never thought I would and get freedom from that miserable situation of pain. I would like to thank Dr.Tahira for her continous hard work on my case, her time and patience dealing with my questions.

Vishal, Australia

Cervical (Neck) Pain

I’m a software engineer by profession and spend a minimum of 14 hours everyday in front of computer. While sitting in my office a few weeks ago, I experienced a strong wave of pain on the back side of neck which traveled towards the left shoulder. I started moving my left arm and neck in multiple directions to get rid of it. As anyone would think, I also ignored it on the assumption that it might just be a momentary cramp or pain due to sitting in the same position for long hours. It started in the morning but continuously grown to the extent that I wasn’t able to move my neck to answer my wife once returned home from office.

I usually look for quick solutions as my work (programming) is largely based around getting things done fast. After the terrible pain that continued the whole night, I went to the nearest doctor on the way to my office. It was good to hear that I will be alright soon with the pain killer as I was desperately wanting to get rid of the pain. The doctor gave a pain killer which I had to take 3 times a day and I did so. After 3 days when the tablets finished, I realized that the pain is coming back with the same intensity. The frustration was even more this time as I considered the temporary relief of pain killer, “permanent cure” which wasn’t at all.

My wife was of course worried about the whole situation and recommended me to consult with Dr. Tahira. She previously got the treatment from her for allergic asthma. I still was not convinced with the idea and wanted to wait another day in hope of getting some relief in pain by jogging. The jog turned to an emergency condition as it worsened the whole situation and in miserable condition I asked my wife to contact Dr. Tahira. Within 3 hours, I was able to communicate with her through Skype where she examined me in a long one hour session.

She prescribed me medicines without physical examination, based on the symptoms and whatever I told about my daily routine (including the day it all started). Thanks to her for taking this emergency case and communicating on the same day itself which was a “Sunday”. My wife helped me in getting the prescribed medicines as I wasn’t able to move much than a few steps from my bed let apart driving. Taken the first dose of the remedy Dr.Tahira prescribed before sleeping and May GOD Bless her for the comfortable sleep I had that night after 6 restless nights. The continuous pain had significant relief within 24 hours as I planned to stay at home next day, take the medicine on-time and avoid computer stuff.

I (with the help of my wife) communicated with the doctor through skype next day too. This time, new symptoms appeared and I knew one thing that the pain killer could never really cure the root cause of this pain as it’s not meant to do so. The real treatment was which I started to see in the previous 24 hours where I seen the commitment and responsible behavior of Doctor Tahira. She taken update from me on every small aspect of the pain and I was satisfied with the question/answer session. It was all a wonder for me as I never taken Skype seriously and especially never thought that a doctor can utilize it so well.

I received the new prescription from her which was regarding the next seven days medication. The improvements continue to appear and the pain gradually decreased. After 3 days, I again communicated with her through skype but this time it was just a short feedback session as there were no changes in the medicines prescribed earlier. She even recommended me some gentle exercises that made me realize that I was abusing my muscle during pain by doing heavy exercises (including jogging). I was completely cured after a week of medication. Words are not enough to thank Dr.Tahira for her patience, kind behavior, wise diagnosis and case handling. I now realize that some things are not meant to be done quickly or the way I perceived, especially health related matters. A Dedicated, Professional and kind person like Dr.Tahira is God’s blessing itself. Good that I listened to my wife, well we should, sometimes. 🙂 Thanks a lot, Doctor Tahira.

Sameer, Brunei

Foot Injury

I’m a student of Singapore Management University. Around two weeks ago, I was about to go to my friend’s room in the student hostel to do preparation for upcoming presentation. I fell down nearby the stairs and it didn’t take more than a second for the severe pain to arrive with a shock to my whole body. The reason apparently was lack of my focus on where I was going to step and ended up falling (screaming too).

Some of the passersby helped me in getting up to reach my friend’s room where I stayed the night as I seem to couldn’t move at all. Too much fear started to build up in my mind that maybe the bone is displaced. Presentation was ofcourse not done and it all seemed like a nightmare all of a sudden. On the suggestion of my friend, I taken some sort of pain killer for quick relief but it didn’t worked, not even after waiting for 24 hours. Within a day, my ankle was badly swelled and red. Bed was the only place where I could move as the pain was worse, let apart walking to the class.

In all this fear, one thing I hoped for was to get some information online about the type of pain and symptoms etc. even I knew that might not help in anything. I read a few articles and two of them were very informative from which one was written by Dr.Tahira. I was lead to her website through her author profile there. Then I stumbled across her E- Clinic page and decided to email regarding my situation that if I could get any help from her. I personally didn’t believed homeopathy yet I contacted her as there was something quite different in her writing and the way she replied in some forums that I discovered later. Surprisingly for me in that situation, the email was replied wihtin an hour. Her kind attitude and swift communication was a big source of motivation and relief for me at that time. I decided to start the treatment with her as none of those other pain killers and pain ointments worked. She given me the appointment via Skype and examined the foot. This continued for 3 consecutive days and I was happy with her close monitoring.

My friend helped me in getting the medicines she prescribed. She was very patient in answering my questions and advising regarding what to do and what not in such condition. I felt like I’m taken care at home. Within 3 days, the swelling started to go down, the redness faded away. I emailed her about the betterment in my foot condition and She too was pleased to listen about that. She advised and prescribed the revised medicine schedule for the next week which was very systematic and easy to understand. I was able to move and walk after one week of treatment. Some of my friends didn’t believed that I ever fallen even. And now I’m writing this after doing my presentation successfully.

All this was not less than a miracle for me. I thank Dr.Tahira not only for the great treatment but also for the kindness, positive attitude and motivation she filled me up in the moments of pain that I never imagined before and never would. Thanks again!

Jacey Loo, Singapore

Derealization & Major Depression

After years of searching for a competent homeopath and the desperation of the illness itself, getting in touch with Dr. Tahira was a God send to me. One cannot imagine the pain and sensation of derealization and major depression if it has not been experienced. I have been suffering from anxiety disorder & major depression from last 3 years. Despite of consulting numerous physicians, both allopathic and homeopathic, I couldn’t see the light in a dark pit of depression. With the feeling of emotional numbness as long as I am awake and the constant injection of the thought that everything is ‘unreal’ or ‘does not exist’ was getting on my nerves and I felt like I might loose the battle one day. For 3 years, I was resisting psychotic depression taking hold of myself. Allopathic medicines just gave me enough strength so that I do not to loose my sanity altogether without further improvement. At this critical time, getting in touch with Dr. Tahira was indeed a reward of my patience from Almighty. Not only she is a dedicated, competent and a knowledgeable physician, I found her a compassionate and a caring soul as well. She took my case with great interest according to the principals of classical homeopathy and came up with a single remedy after careful evaluation. Before administering the remedy, she applied hypnotherapy to make sure that my sub-conscious mind is ready to accept the treatment. With Dr. Tahira, I improved so much in a week that I haven’t felt this well in last 3 years. My feeling of derealization is around 70% gone. Irrational thoughts and obsession that remained occupied my mind whole day have been reduced substantially. Overall I feel better and I am hopeful that I will soon be my old-self under her guidance. I will highly recommend her practice and I wish her prosperous future and good health.

Usman Khan


I was suffering from Vertigo since last 5 years and totally tired of experiments on me by various doctors. But it all came to an end when i first met Dr. Tahira via an Online Homeopathic Forum. She recommended me to go through some required pathological tests. I took medication from Dr.Tahira for about 4 months. I not only got medication but great Guidance regarding Food and Exercise. After five years of continuous struggle with my pathetic health condition, i felt myself normal and back to the joy of life for the first time.
Christina Ivan , Montreal, Canada

Christina Ivan , Montreal, Canada

Mouth Ulcer & Vocal cord Disease

I don’t have words to express my thanks and gratitude to this wonderful person who has changed my life altogether. I have suffered from mouth sores and vocal cord disease from last 10 years which immensely affected my speech delivery. Being a lecturer in a college, it is my primary responsibility to lecture students and this disease was a big hurdle that affected my day to day work. I have consulted various physicians but it didnt help much and I was still struggling. I started consulting Dr. Tahira in November 2007 and with in few months I was back to my normal self! Not only Dr. Tahira is a great physician, she is a selfless individual and a God fearing person who takes care of her patient with utmost passion and zeal. She dwells into her patient’s psyche and assures him/her that she fully understands the situation. I think she is a great addition to the list of world’s best homeopathic prescribers and deserves great admiration for her fervor and professionalism. I pray from bottom of my heart that she succeeds and continue helping the ailing society.

Prof. Danish, UAE


I got Dr.Tahira’s email address from one of the popular homeopathy forum. Dr.Tahira is an eminent homeopath. She is aware to cure all kinds of diseases-I inclined to say.She is kind,benevolent and sympathetic.I suffer from sinusitis,masterbation and other diseases.I conveyed those to her in her email address.She replies with due respect me.I appreciate her selection of medicines.After taking her prescription I am on its way towards recovery.She is relly jewel.Time and again she extends her hand for my recovery.I owe it all to her.I inclined to keep touch with her till death and I would want to give her a visit some time. As I come of a reverent Hindu family,I pray before almighty (GOD/Goddess) for her huge success.



When my son Muhammad Afnan was 1 ½ months old he had to face severe illness. Whatever the feed baby took, he vomited it out along with cough. He was facing difficulty in breathing also. We took him to different hospitals. The doctors got him admitted. There the doctor took several blood & urine tests, x-ray, ECG, etc. He was diagnosed severe Pneumonia. During the treatment they gave him different antibiotics but there was no improvement at all. We requested the doctors to discharge him as we were very disappointed. They discharged the baby on our risk. Then a patient told about DR TAHIRA and We took our child in emergency to her clinic. She examined him thoroughly and started the treatment. For 3 continuous days, she gave special time and attention to my son. After one month treatment, we went through all the tests and they were normal this time. His breathing is smooth and he never vomited again. We are really thankful to Almighty ALLAH, who showed us this path, and also thankful to DR TAHIRA for her sincere efforts and treatment. She is very Competent and devoted.

Mr. Irfan. (Lecturer), Pakistan

Psychological Disorder

I am 43 yrs. old. I was suffering from Anxiety & Depression along with the feelings of Inferiority Complex. My Psychological Disorder started in 1983 when i was a high School Student. By 1990, the problems became more severe and i started having stifness, muscular pain, multiple phobies, cold sweats, insomnia and dyspepsia. I went to the first Psychatirist in 1990 who treated me for about one and a half year and until Sept. 2008, i travelled and saw various foreign doctors and psychatirists with the advice of whom i took countless medicines and undergone therapies even but didn’t got satisfactory relief. The physical and mental conditions worsened more and i started having High B.P most of the times. I lost my hope of cure. The good day, when i was searching something regarding my diseases over interent and stumbled upon an Article of Dr.Tahira right after which i visited her website and contacted for an appointment. From Dec. 2008 to Nov. 2009, i took Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Tahira along with Pshycotherapy and Counselling. I went to her in emergency many times while i was having severe panic attacks and she handelled my ver well by giving sufficient time and clinical treatment. Day by day, i started feeling better and quit all the medicines gradually which i was taking since last 27 years. The care, time and treatment given by Dr.Tahira was something i was looking for a long time and all of that spared me from further despair.

Sajid Hassan, UAE