Health Quotes

Health Quotes by Dr.Tahira


  • To me Homeopathy is “Right Remedy, At the right time, To the right patient”.


  • “Case taking is a skill whereas Case handling is an art based on science.”

  • “Feeding body brightens outer, feeding soul brightens inner.”

  • “Helping others is the best treatment for Depression and Anxiety.”

  • “Our eating habits define us.”

  • “Good character is the gateway to good health.”

  • “Chronic diseases are silent killers.”

  • “There is no comparison of health with fame and wealth.”

  • “Breast feeding can prevent Breast Cancer.”

  • “Failure to diagnose or faulty diagnosis is a form of medical malpractice.”

  • “Dermatological disorders are the most common type of diseases occurring in people of all ages.”

  • “Homeopathic treatment aims to┬áregulate the organ functioning, not at suppressing the symptoms.”